The Canadian arm of Good News India cares for more than 235 children in three Dream Centres (children's home) with two new homes opening in June 2018 and August 2018.

The U.S. arm of Good News India cares for an additional 2,800 orphaned and/or destitute children in 28 more Dream Centres.

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Most of our work is deep inside rural India where the people live in dreadful poverty. Many of our kids have a single parent who has to eke out a living as a day laborer, working all day in the fields for about 50 cents per day. Sometimes both parents have to work like this in order to barely feed themselves. More often than not, the children "wander around" until the guardian comes home. One grandmother who works long hours in the fields, tied her little orphaned granddaughter to the bed leg so the little one would not come to harm while she was away working. When we found out about this, we offered to take little Gouri into our home and she is now flourishing. Her grandmother is grateful to see this little one going to school and getting plenty to eat.

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