June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017

Life’s highlights… Moments to cherish… This boy, Krushna came to GNI Tihidi Project in Grade 1….the girl Sashmita came to GNI Kandhmal Project in Grade 2… both with no resources and no future… But God…

They stayed the course and have reached adulthood… They have both gone from crayons to perfume… from helpless to independent self-reliance… He has a good job. Our Kandhmal director arranged their marriage – my joy to get them engaged for their Dec 16 wedding…. (None of my kids will ever get engaged all by themselves at some secluded romantic spot..! We have a full God-honoring engagement ceremony!). Rings and gifts are given in front of friends and witnesses. O what fun…!!

This is the air I breathe…. These two need never fail… or go back into poverty. My job is done. I am thrilled. 3000 kids to go!


Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman is the Chairman & Founder of Good News India. Learn more about Dr. Rahman.

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