August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

We’ve made GNI History! Our first graduation celebration… throwaway kids who never had a chance to finish school…but with pomp, splendor and gratitude, we celebrated their accomplishments.. local school officials commented on the very high caliber of our GNI kids in terms of academics, behavior and general attitude towards life. It was one astounding night of graduation exercises, speeches, tears and testimonies followed by our usual extravaganza of vibrant dances to worship music… packed out crowds and tons of energies as five Dream Centre kids had come into Jharsuguda on this First Regional Graduation Celebration… O what a time.. memorable, totally memorable… local population had never seen anything like this. (You can tell I am bubbling..) We will do it again in Oct at two other regional centers for the rest of our graduates.


Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman is the Chairman & Founder of Good News India. Learn more about Dr. Rahman.

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