January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014

Delighted to report that we have opened dream center number 27 in Chattisgarh… neighboring State to Odisha, but equally impoverished and exploited. 10 darling little kids and a loving, trained and dedicated couple… Dream Centre number 28 will open Feb 1 in Bolangir, Western Odisha with 20 girls. At least 6 couples, under internship presently, will soon be ready for their own dream centers… We are on our way… 60 Dream Centres in Odisha, 20 in Bengal and at least 20 in Chattisgarh… When I hear testimonies of young orphan girls who had to make plates out of leaves 12 hours per day just to get one meal, I am driven. These kids are now with us, but there are so many more like her out there… How do you eat an elephant.. one bite at a time!


Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman is the Chairman & Founder of Good News India. Learn more about Dr. Rahman.

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