January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

Visiting some of my acres of diamonds: At our Ashroi Leper Home… their parents battled the disease, but they were rejected. But now they are among the best in the community. At our Cuttack Dream Centre, Sukumari and her brother abandoned by their mother; violent alcoholic father who comes at them with a machette. She won 1st prize in Regional and State competitions in four different junior girls’ sporting events and is now competing for National titles – all India. We just concluded a Staff Meeting where director after director reported that in their communities, GNI kids ran off with most prizes in Arts, Sports and Academics. Two sisters, Lakhmi and Protima, were found 8 years ago by our director at a roadside where their desperate mother was about to end life for all 3 of them.. they are now about to graduate from High School. And the best part – they all call me DADDY! I love it… In a world filled with horror and dread, these are GOOD NEWS from India. This is the air I breathe…


Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman is the Chairman & Founder of Good News India. Learn more about Dr. Rahman.

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