November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013

Heading to Phx Sky Harbor to board British Air for London and on to Delhi.. Spending most of Dec, January and half of Feb in India… new staff, new dream centers, major renovations and dream center building constructions, graduations, Celebration of Christmas concerts in 4 cities with kids from 7 dream centers in dazzling performance, for 3 hours, at each place, 3 older leper couples getting married (what a hoot!) … and in between all the fun and frolic that you can imagine in spending holidays with kids who celebrate exuberantly sans materialism. It just does not get better than this. I wish Tess/Tim and their families were along… but O well… can’t have butter on both sides of the bread (something like that…!!) I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving season… I will be enjoying what the pilgrims really gave thanks for – goat curry!!


Faiz Rahman

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