October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015

Oct 17 – O happy day.. two of our adult lepers found love, acceptance and freedom at our Dream Centre… and guess what? They also found each other, and fell in love… my joy to marry them. And celebrate with them. This people group, (lepers in India) that, in my opinion, is truly at the bottom of the world, are now joyful, loving and living a happy life in the sunset years of their sorrow-filled life. The past is forgotten and the future is bright. Strings that were broken are now making beautiful music. And Heaven is going to be even better because they all will get new glorified bodies. Only Calvary’s love can pull this together. Jesus…


Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman is the Chairman & Founder of Good News India. Learn more about Dr. Rahman.

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